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Updated July 2014

CPHC is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. Tax ID Number: 94.3166955

The Children's Psychological Health Center, Inc. is a nonprofit organization devoted to healing young children's hearts and minds. We need your help to expand our international childhood psychotherapy training and service projects using Reflective Network Therapy to help autistic, traumatized and other very troubled young children.










For decades, CPHC has developed and carefully studied a highly effective method for autistic preschoolers.

Right in the classroom, Reflective Network Therapy combines education, therapy, parent guidance and peer interactions to combat the disorder. The treatment is administered in preschool classrooms. Reflective Network Therapy costs far less to use and appears more powerful clinically and cognitively than other methods. Five affiliated service sites currently have active teams of teachers and therapists trained to use this collaborative method in their preschool classrooms. All of these sites should become model sites with the capability of actively engaging in training staff for new service sites to provide Reflective Network Threrapy for more autistic children.



One in every hundred preschool children has an autism spectrum disorder.  The cost to the children, their families, and society is an incalculable amount of pain, suffering, and loss of productive lives.


Our agency will establish a Training Institute for Reflective Network Therapy. Starting at five existing collaborating sites, The Institute will train more Teacher/Therapist teams to implement an in-classroom mental health and cognitive enrichment  for preschoolers on the autism spectrum, using the evidence-based, replicable, manualized Reflective Network Therapy method. 


The RNT method for treating autism has been successfully implemented and works well in public and private special education programs, therapeutic preschools, community-based family service agencies, Headstarts and homeless shelter classrooms. More than 1,500 preschool children –including about 360 with autism spectrum disorders have been treated, during decades of use by about two dozen teams of therapists and teachers with child-patients from all socio-economic groups.


We want to train more therapists and teachers, to eventually establish 100 active model sites. Each site will serve at least 5 autistic preschoolers plus other preschoolers in need each year, and each model site will train two more sites.  A large multiple of outreach can be achieved. Through 100 model sites, 60,000 autistic preschoolers can be served over the next two decades using Reflective Network Therapy. In addition to providing a powerful, much needed and cost-effective intervention, a large research base will be established.


The Training Program would immediately collaborate at five existing sites to train five new teams, each of whom could serve at least 200 autistic children inclusively over the next 20 years, totaling 1,000 well treated autistic preschoolers within inclusive classroom settings.  The new teams can each in turn easily train an additional two teams at their sites, whose added services will lead to at least an additional 2,000 well treated autistic preschoolers. 

These well treated preschoolers can be served without adding significant brick, mortar or administrative costs to existing special education or therapeutic care system budgets. Our estimates indicate a large cost savings at each new site compared to using other behavioral and educational methods for similarly diagnosed children.


Funding the five existing model affiliated service sites so they can begin training more teams:

     Training stipends for 5 senior psychotherapists @ 25,000 each per year               125,000

     Training stipends for ten educators @ 15,000 each per year                                 150,000

     High quality remote videoconferencing facilities at 5 sites and headquarters            60,000

     Clerical costs for transcriptions and video archiving for training and research           20,000

     Expert Educators certified by our agency to conduct training                                 30,000

     Expert Therapists certified by our agency to conduct training                                 50,000

     TOTAL .......................................................................................................... 435,000                                                                                                                   


The cost for Reflective Network Therapy training to enhance educational and therapeutic services for 3,000 autistic preschoolers will be less than $150 per child.



Each model service site team will become self-sustaining.  Each newly trained site will train two more sites.


Each service site team of trained teachers and therapists will be certified to train teacher-therapist teams in additional new service sites.


Each service will contribute data about clinical outcomes, IQ changes, and school progress of each child served, building an already large data base for comparison with other methods and control groups.


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