Several RNT Preschool Services and Projects Which CPHC Has Conducted are listed here:

For RNT service examples see Betty J Taylor Early Childhood Center Preschool and Walnut Lake Preschool.

Reflective Network Therapy services will be available in 2021 at Harlem Family Institute Parent-Child & Therapy Center.

Other examples of our RNT services (non-active):

Kiwi Preschool, Santa Rosa, CA
Cambridge Ellis School, Cambridge, MA
Ann Martin Center, Piedmont, CA
Special Education Preschool, San Mateo, CA
Wellspring Family Services, Seattle, WA
Cornerstone, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Autism Spectrum Disorders

It is not generally appreciated how sensitive and anxious most children are who suffer from autism. Many started life with a low threshold to stimuli and interactions that seem ordinary to others. They can feel injured by sounds, touches, simple transitions and human contact events. We harness small social networks of teachers, parents, peers and therapist to coax and guide children into their real worlds.

Read reviews of Gilbert Kliman MD’s Book about RNT
Order Dr. Kliman’s book from Amazon: Reflective Network Therapy in the Preschool Classroom

The specific topic of the level of anxiety among children with autism was the focus of Dr. Kliman’s recent paper presented at the European Psychoanalytic Association, Stockholm 2015, called “Two Kinds of Too Much” (available on among publications by Gilbert W. Kliman, MD).

RNT typically helps many children unreachable by other psychotherapies

whether they have diagnoses of ASD, social communication disorders, serious emotional disorders, ADHD, behavioral problems, posttraumatic stress disorder, co-occurring or multiple diagnoses.

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