Reflective Network Therapy for Special Needs Preschoolers evidence-based clinically effective and cost effective a powerful in-classroom treatment method

“My Pandemic Story” is an evidence-based guided activity workbook designed to support children’s mental and emotional health during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Authored by renowned child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Gilbert Kliman and The Children’s Psychological Health Center, the workbook provides guidance and tools for parents, teachers and caregivers, mental health clinicians of children of all ages coping with the stress and psychological trauma from the pandemic.

Reflective Network Therapy can be highly individualized to treat preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders, serious emotional disorders, social communication disorders, behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorders, reactive attachment disorders, attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders, and co-occurring disorders (multiple diagnoses).
95% of first tested children treated with RNT, when retested, had achieved statistically significant IQ Gains and mental health improvements within about 8 months of starting treatment, whether they were autistic or had other psychiatric diagnoses.

The teacher, the therapist, parents, the child patient and all children in the classroom comprise a small social network, which becomes an interactive reflective network by using psychodynamic RNT techniques which rapidly advance both mental health and educational progress.

Benefits of Reflective Network Therapy include: improved sociability, increased vocabulary and communication, better impulse control, reductions in resistance to learning, improved ability to develop and sustain focused attention, development of the ability to think about her/his own feelings and those of others, and positive behavioral changes. Behavioral symptoms are transformed into dialogue and play. Therapists and teachers receive training in RNT directly from senior staff of our nonprofit agency or from already certified RNT practitioners at one of the preschool programs affiliated with CPHC.

Reflective Network Therapy is more cost-effective than methods commonly used (approximately one sixth the cost). See Method Comparison studies.

evidence based – inclusive – clinically effective – cost effective – right in the classroom


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We train existing teaching staff in RNT. Preschool administrators appreciate RNT’s superior cost-effectiveness and outcomes for children with cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges.



Input from parents and support for parents are high priorities. Together with an RNT trained teacher-therapist team, we can significantly improve your child’s benefit from treatment.



Therapists & Teachers


Get training and certification in Reflective Network Therapy. CPHC provides on-site and distance training, supervision, guidance and consultation to teachers and mental health professionals.

Relief Agencies


Our Guided Activity Workbooks help parents, teachers, therapists and disaster relief responders working with children and families traumatized by natural or man-made disasters.

Reflective Network Therapy (RNT) is a manualized method. It is a readily individualized and fully inclusive in-classroom treatment carried out in private and public preschools and daycare settings for troubled, traumatized or cognitively delayed children 2 to 6 years old. Children are patients and pupils in the same real life space of the classroom. Intensive individual psychotherapy takes place exclusively within classroom social, play and learning activities with a psychotherapist in the classroom, giving each special needs child a short therapy session multiple times every week. Rigorous research on outcomes, conducted over several decades in multiple service sites using our method, has proven that RNT’s clinical results are remarkably robust.

Testimonials by parents, teachers, school administrators, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals


It brings together, in a most sensible way, childhood educational and therapeutic synergistic service. I am delighted to recommend The Cornerstone Method Therapeutic Preschool Method enthusiastically.
Albert J. Solnit, MDCommissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services from 1991-2000