Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class With TeacherCPHC Affiliated Service Site: Ann Martin Center – Piedmont, CA

A site which hosted RNT.

This CPHC affiliated service site has served as a demonstration laboratory for mental health professionals who visit to see Reflective Network Therapy in action.

Linda Hirshfeld, PhD continues to document consistently strong cognitive and clinical gains, including IQ rises, among the children treated with Reflective Network Therapy in the acclaimed Ann Martin Center’s therapeutic preschool playgroup.

A highly skilled and experienced RNT practitioner, Dr. Hirshfeld personally conducts individual psychotherapy sessions in the preschool classroom, and has served as a trainer for teachers and therapists.

“The program has been found effective for children suffering from a variety of emotional and developmental difficulties, including those associated with the autism spectrum. It is an intensive therapeutic service that combines early childhood education and psychotherapy to help vulnerable young children at early stages of their cognitive and emotional development.” –