Programs and projects in need of your support

1. Scholarships and Training — Making Reflective Network Therapy accessible to more children in more schools in more places

  • Stipends for certified RNT therapists and advanced doctoral candidates who make a minimum 2-year commitment to treat children in the real life space of their classrooms using Reflective Network Therapy as manualized.
  • Support for weekend seminars and week-long intensive training for certification of new RNT therapists and teachers and for production of training materials, including videos of actual treatments (parent-permitted for research, education and training).
  • Video conferencing to support ongoing delivery of long distance supervision and deepening training of new teacher-therapist teams, supplementing initial intensive training and onsite supervision.

2. Collaborative and Independent Research — New and continuing projects

  • Coding of treatment and training videos for scientific analysis of outcome factors from our extensive archives of actual in-classroom RNT sessions.
  • Continued annotated transcription of hundreds of hours of treatment videos from ongoing and new service sites for research study and training.
  • Independent outcome research, including third party psychological testing to augment our body of outcome data.

3. Evidence-Based Psychological First Aid — A manualized derivative of Reflective Network Therapy

Reproduction, distribution and event-tailoring of psychoanalytically-informed Guided Activity Workbooks for children traumatized by school shootings, natural disasters or conditions of war; and psychological help for recently homeless children and foster children.

Studies show that our workbooks reduce symptoms of PTSD and promote coping, learning and healing. Our workbooks have been distributed around the world through partnerships with Mercy Corps and other helping agencies.

Many thousands of children throughout the world have benefited from the use of these workbooks. Learn more:

Research regarding CPHC Guided Activity Workbooks

More about Guided Activity Workbooks

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