Find out how you can provide better treatment for preschoolers with autism spectrum or other serious psychiatric disorders.

Kliman Preschool Therapeutic Services:
Parents of special needs preschool children in the North Bay area of San Francisco now have a distinct advantage. Their children may be able to attend an inclusive high quality private preschool in which normal and special needs children help each other grow psychologically.

No longer is it necessary to segregate special needs preschoolers in special education classes, or to wait for the slow process of an I.E.P. The federal goal of inclusive education and the clinical goal of early intensive treatment for childhood psychiatric problems can start being met quickly and privately, with the help of our Reflective Network Therapy services within the Kiwi Preschool in Santa Rosa, CA.  Find out more.

Kliman Diagnostic Services:
Concerned parents of special needs preschoolers anywhere in the nation may now get a second opinion about their child’s treatment, progress, and future needs from Dr. Kliman and his associates at our new office in Santa Rosa, or at our headquarters in San Francisco. Find out more.

Private and public preschools:
Give the very best support to our most vulnerable children. With our help you can provide in-classroom treatment for preschoolers

  • on the autism spectrum
  • with posttraumatic stress disorders.
  • seemingly uncontrollable hyperactivity or aggression
  • reactive attachment disorders

We can train your staff to work with a therapist, parents and children in a powerful, evidence-based way.

Special education administrators:
Stop busting your budget with astronomic costs for autism spectrum disorders.

Superintendents of schools:
We can train your school system to provide very high quality school-based treatment for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Parents of emotionally disturbed preschoolers:
Demand the best evidence based treatment be given right in your preschool. We can train you and your child’s preschool staff.

Learn a method and benefit from a psychotherapy for children that is based on measurable outcomes, has been subject to rigorous research and is highly cost-effective.

Disaster Response Agencies:
You can provide your clients with mental health support in catastrophes. We provide a low cost evidence-based method to fortify the psychological resilience of families and children in disasters.

Call 415 292 7119 to find out how you can be more therapeutically effective in your school or community through our trainings.

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