Guided Activity Workbooks

For Children, Families, Caregivers, Schools, Teachers, Aides, Psychotherapists, Disaster Response Teams and Relief Agencies

All are welcome to download these resources and make up to 100 copies at no charge. Contact Jessie Rios at 415-292-7119 to obtain a printing license for over 100 copies of any of our Guided Activity Workbooks.

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Research regarding CPHC Guided Activity Workbooks
[from Gilbert Kliman, MD article published in The American Psychoanalyst, Fall/Winter 2006 Volume 40, No. 4, P.16,17, Fall /Winter 2006 Volume 40, No. 4, p.16, 18]

For children and families affected by an epidemic such as the Coronavirus
My Epidemic Story English Version
My Epidemic Workbook Mandarin Version

For Foster Children
My Personal Life History Book
Personal Life History Book Method Manual, Preventive Psychotherapy with Foster Children

For Children Traumatized by School Shootings
My Story About The School Shootings

For Homeless and Recently Homeless Children
My Personal Story About Being Homeless

For Latino Children to Understand Deportation
Healing and Resilience: An Activity Book for Latino Children Impacted by Deportation
Recuperación y Resiliencia: Un Libro de Actividades para Niños Latinos Impactados por la Deportación

For Survivors of Hurricanes, Tornados, Earthquakes, Fire and Flood
My Tornado Story, Preschool Version
My Personal Story About Tornados, Elementary-High School version
My Story about The Hurricane -generic (for any hurricane)
My Personal Story about the California Wildfires
My Own Story about Typhoon Haiyan
My Fire Story
My Flood Story
My Sichauan Earthquake Story -Mandarin
My Sichuan Earthquake Story -English
Istwa Pa M Sou Tranblemannte Ayiti a Le Tremblement De Terre En Haiti
My Own Story about The Earthquake in Haiti -English
My North American Story about the Earthquake in Haiti
My Personal Story about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

For Child Survivors of Terrorist Attack and Children Traumatized by Living in Conditions of Regional Conflict or War
My Book about The War and Terrorism
My Personal Story About Living in Gaza -Arabic
My Personal Story About Living in Gaza -English
My Story About Living in Israel with Terror Attacks -English
My Story about Living in Israel with Terror Attacks -Hebrew

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